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The world faces a daunting task in the fight against cancer. For decades now, the disease has proved very difficult to cure. Cancer is majorly caused in many ways. There those people who get cancer through inheritance. This is to say that cancer is a genetic disease. In the human gene, there a lot of things that can occur, leading to cancer. It could deletion, substitution, or insertion of extra gene onto the human genome, leading go some abnormalities in the gene leading to the development of cancer.

Similarly, there some environmental factors which have been found out to produce cancer-causing effects on the human body. Exposure to some irradiations such as X-rays and beta rays can have an impact on human DNA. The effect on the human DNA could similarly lead to either insertion, deletion, or a substitution on the gene sequence of the DNA. This has significant implications because of it us through these DNA arrangements that cancer is formed in the human body. While the actual cause is still being understood, there are a lot of efforts that are being made in order to get the cure of a disease.

Scientists have done a lot of research to find out the way the cancer-causing cells to evade the body’s immune system and thus promote its survival and multiplication in the body.Research has shown that the cancer cells have a cytocapsular in which the cancer cells are embedded. Whenever they want to infect a given region in the body, the cytocapsular envelope is opened up in a process degrees to as acellurization, and the cancer cells then attack the areas where they find their way into and cause significant damage. Once there are mechanisms put in place to fight the cells, they revert to their original state by getting into a cytocapsulated state and i this state, they change shape and form long pocket fiber like straps through which the cancer cells rapidly migrate from the area they feel threatened, and they occupy we areas.

The migratory form of the cancer cells makes it very difficult to fight. The best that is being done to assist cancer patients today is the chemotherapy that they have to be subjected to from time to time. Medications that have so fat been developed cannot cure cancer, but they reduce the pain caused by cancer significantly. A cancer patient has to go through periodic chemotherapy procedures from time to time to help reduce the spread of the cancer cells.

It is also worth to note that many scientists and doctors have advised cancer patients to be wary of the foods that they eat. Sugary foods are not suitable for cancer patients. It is also important to avoid areas where you are prone to radiation exposure. Irradiations are to be avoided because they are significant triggers if the cancer menace.

Many research centers need a lot of funding in order to continue with the development of drugs that can fight cancer and find out how cancer cells can be destroyed.

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