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How to Find an Appropriate Storage Unit

When relocating to a new place, you may have too many possessions that cannot be moved at once. Keep some of them at a storage unit and come back for them later when you have created space for them in your new home. Use these guidelines when looking for a suitable storage unit to rent.

The storage unit service providers should provide excellent customer services. Your referrals can suggest to you to storage units that offer quality customer services from their experiences. The quality of customer experience, the past customers of the storage unit, had will determine the quality of services that you will get from the storage unit. They should respond quickly and ethically to your inquiries. If they do not show etiquette and respond on time, stop contacting them because you are bound to have misunderstandings with them in the future. They should have multiple communication channels like emails, phone calls, websites, and so on for your convenience.

Find an accessible storage unit because you should not be limited to access your items from the storage unit whenever you want, be it over the weekends or during the holidays. You are highly likely to get time to get your items from the storage unit over the weekend or on the holidays if you have a busy lifestyle. Rent a storage unit that has flexible working hours in that you can they are open up to evening hours to allow you get your items at that time after work or when you are done with your daily activities.

There are different sizes of storage units. Compare the size of the storage unit to determine whether the number and size of your items will fit in. Do not hire a large unit for a few items because you will be paying for space that your items are not utilizing. A very small storage unit will clutter your things. Some of your items will get damaged when they are stored in limited space because you will need to pile items on each other. If you have items that need special care such as electronics and other fragile items, rent a spacious storage unit because the insufficient circulation of air increases the temperatures of the unit, and that will damage your electronics. The fragile items will also be hard to see in a crowded unit; hence, when taking other items out, you can easily knock them down if they are piled on top of other items.

The storage unit should have the latest equipment and facilities that prevent climatic conditions from ruining your items. Metallic items like furniture will rust, wooden items will decay, electronics malfunction, and your documents will oxidize when exposed to high temperatures and humidity. Mold and mildew will also grow on your belongings when the storage unit is under these conditions. Find a storage unit that has advanced air conditioning systems to control temperatures and moisture. A suitable unit should have adequate drainage systems and gutters to prevent water from getting inside or accumulating in the unit because it may flood inside. The drive-ways should be graded to provide enough space for trucks when you need to keep your belonging or take them out of the storage unit.

The storage unit should be at a convenient location. The longer the distance, the more you will pay to transport your possessions to and from the storage unit. You will be able to check on your possessions regularly, which is possible if the unit is near you because you can drop by anytime.

Check the safety of the storage unit, especially if you intend to store valuable items like your documents. There should be a security guard at the entrance and exit of the storage unit to monitor people who enter and leave the premises. CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and other modern security systems should back up the guards. There should be a fence around the premises that is also installed with CCTV cameras and other modern security systems to alert the guards when someone sneaks into the storage unit. Aside from security against theft, the storage unit should be secure from fire break out. The storage units should have smoke detectors, fire alarms, and other modern systems that can alert the staff so that they save the items from the storage unit if there is a fire. There should be enough sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and other equipment that can be used to put out a fire in case a fire accident occurring.

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