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How to Use Your Electric Smoker for Best Results

There are different varieties of smokers today, but the most widely used are clearly electric smokers. If you have one at home, then you will be able to smoke many food items quick and easy. However, the way to perfectly smoked food is knowing the right way of using your electric smoker.

Essential Components

Upon purchasing an electric smoker, you could be tempted to immediately smoke meat. But unless you have at least basic smoker knowledge, you could be headed for a disaster. Start by learning each part and how it functions.

Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual too and go down to the nitty gritties. Learn the machine’s working principle and follow every safety guideline provided.

Curing the Smoker

Prior to using your brand new electric smoker, you must season it. Begin by brushing some vegetable oil onto the top, racks and sides.

Any low-cost vegetable oil is fine (definitely no need for that expensive extra virgin olive oil). Make sure that the oil cannot reach the electrical parts. Next, switch on the smoker and leave it for 3-4 hours.

You can as well throw in some wood chips inside the provided compartment. Seasoning your electric smoker like this helps to eliminate undesirable odors and keep it from rusting.

Smoking Prep

To smoke any kind of meat or vegetables successfully, it is important to prepare the food beforehand. For example, if you plan to smoke meat and fish, make sure it is thoroughly thawed before you place them inside the smoker. Else, the flavor will be compromised. Brining or marinating is also a good way to ensure a good smoky flavor.

Electric Smoker Preparation

As soon as your smoker has been seasoned, you can now prepare it for smoking. All electric smokers have temperature regulators in the form of water pans.

It is important to monitor the level of water in the pan so you don’t end up overheating the grill. Never let the water dry up completely as this will overcook and over-smoke your food, which can definitely affect taste.

Indeed, an electric smoker is among the most convenient and useful kitchen equipment you can ever have, giving you the best smoky flavors without demanding as much time and effort as traditional smoking. The moment you purchase a smoker for you home, read the manual so you know exactly how to use it well. Not only do you want to get the best smoky flavors; you also want your smoker to last a long, long time. After all, this machine is far from cheap, so it better work as efficiently as possibly.

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