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Ways of Securing Data before Recycling Devices
The consumer electronics sales is expected to reach 351 billion dollars which would be a 3.9{ab7d468c46d888b3c94955babdc825e65f364432194674107a95db0a12624b26} increase. Consumer buy regularly buy smartphone devices which make up about 77{ab7d468c46d888b3c94955babdc825e65f364432194674107a95db0a12624b26} of the consumer sales. An average family in America generate about 176 pounds of e-waste yearly due to excessive usage of electronics.

Using a lot of devices means you have to think about recycling but consider various data security protocols and tips which should be followed. Cybercrime happens a lot nowadays which is why you should make sure you have followed the right data security protocols anytime you recycle your electronic devices. Cyber criminals usually target people so they can make a lot of profit from like unsuspecting individuals or small businesses.

Before donating old electronics or purchasing new cell phones usually make sure all the data is backed up regardless of whether you plan to recycle them or not. Backing up the data will help you anytime you lose your smartphone or if it gets stolen so you will wipe the data remotely when necessary. You can take advantage these products like data acquisition tools or external storage which gives you access to the backed up data quickly and with ease.

There are several ways to save data either for free or at a fee such as cloud storage services so you can get the data online. Erase all the files in the device entirely and make sure you understand how the device works. Information in your computers and laptop will be secure when young use a disk cleaning software to make sure you have a permanent method of erasing data in the device’s internal hard drive.

The disk cleaning software is suitable for anyone who wants to get rid of password saved on browsers and stop people from recovering the data. Disk cleaning software has ‘secure erase’ and ‘disk wiping’ features which overwrites the hard drive when the command is given. You can secure your data by using a disk wiping utility which will wipe everything stored in hard drive and are essential for permanent removal of data in flash drives or EHDs.

Check the settings of your smartphone or tablet if you want to perform a complete factory reset anytime you wish to recycle your smartphone or tablet or get help from people who have done it before. You should delete every content in your SIM card unless you plan on reusing it and make sure you have removed it before giving it to a recycling facility. You should factory reset your video gaming consoles like PlayStation so it will delete any saved data like your payment details and game files. Sometimes we save our account and payment details in video gaming consoles so you should factory reset then to erase everything, but they should be backed up so you won’t Lewis important information.