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Factors That Show Your Car Door Weather Stripping Needs Replacing

Whenever your weather stripping is faulty, you will get to know. If you own a car, you would realize that its weather stripping would be faulty if you opened the car door the next door then get greeted by some stale and stuffy upholstery if it rained the previous night. If you have no idea what weather stripping is, you need to be aware of the fact that it is that thin peace of rubber that usually lines the windows and the doors of the car.

You need to know that the weather stripping is the rubber lining that ensures that your car is protected from the exterior temperature, prevents leaks and at the same time ensures that your doors are all closed properly. You should know that the weather stripping is usually located at the exterior of the car so that it would ensure that the car is protected from heat, debris and rain. The following article seeks to educate people on the factors that they should consider so that they would know whether the car door weather stripping needs to be replaced or not.

Firstly, ensure that you look to check if there would be leaks. This is so far the most obvious sign. If you see any water dripping through the windshield whenever you are driving, then you should replace that weather stripping. In case there is water on the dashboard or you notice that the upholstery is damp, then you should replace the window stripping because sometimes you may not even notice the leaks.

Aside from looking into the leaks, ensure that you also check correctly the temperature situation inside the car. In as much as the weather stripping would ensure that it keeps elements from your car, it also ensures that it insulates the car from the temperature outside. If your weather stripping is faulty or warn out, it would enable the warm or cold air to escape every other time through the cracks. If you own a car, you should understand that sometimes your car may have problems with cooling down or heating up the interior and this does not necessarily mean that the problem lies with the heater or conditioner. You are recommended to use a product by the name Irontite if at all your car has problems with heating up and cooling down the interior.

Eventually, check on the mold and rust. You need to know that it is not always that you would notice leaks because sometimes you would just find rust and smell mold inside your car and this only means that you should replace that weather stripping.