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What To Do and How to Behave When Invited to a Black Tie Event

If you are like many people, you are probably wondering how you are supposed to dress and what you are supposed to do and behave during a black-tie event. It is true these galas and events are fun to attend, but a person who has never attended a similar event in the past can feel intimidated. This is because of the strict dress codes and specific behavior expected of all attendees. It is thus imperative that you get familiar with some basic black tie event etiquette rules to avoid getting embarrassed in such places.

The following are the most basic rules when it comes to black tie events and how to go about having a successful evening. Let’s get started with arguably the most important rule to be followed when it comes to a black tie event and this is the dress code. For starters, you should know that “black tie” simply means a “formal” or “official” event so the dress code should automatically be formal. The men will look amazing and fit the bill in dark-colored traditional suits or a full-on tuxedo. On the flip side of the coin are the ladies who will look amazing in cocktail dresses or formal gowns. The length of the dress matters a lot in that it shouldn’t be above knee-length whether or not you go with a gown or a cocktail dress. Accessorizing should be to the minimal for both genders ensuring you remember the golden rule of being over-dressed is better than being under-dressed.

To complement your amazing dressing for the night, you will need to have and know good black tie event manners. To get you started, you should attend a black-tie event ready to socialize, chat, talk and make new connections considering that these are very social events. Even if you are reserved and shy, ensure you shake the hands of the hosts and be smiling to everyone you come in contact with. At the very least, you should introduce yourself and show the appreciation that you have been invited to the said event. But then again there are times when socializing may not be so good an idea. Take for example a black tie event for awarding shows, you know like when they are issuing the highly coveted crystal awards. Still on point, if your black tie event calls for dinner and drinks, you might want to apply all those traditional table manners you have come to know. To get you started, do you know how to use the silverware presented before you? Start with the silverware furthest from your plate and work your way inside.