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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Ketogenic Diet

In spite of its popularity, ketogenic diets have attracted a lot of criticism from nutritionists because of its effects on the body. It is a diet that has low carbohydrates resulting in the use of stored glucose in the body. The fat in the body gets burned as a result of this diet. If you are wondering whether you should consider this kind of diet or not, there is a wealth of information to help you decide better. The paragraphs below will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this diet and you can learn more here.

The diet has fewer carbohydrates. There are no hunger pangs and a person can comfortably stick to this diet. You can not experience hunger pangs when on this diet, making it easy to stick to. You will lose weight in the initial stages of your diet. The weight loss comes as a result of the fewer intakes of carbohydrates. Another reason behind this is that there is reduced insulin in your body resulting in storage of less glucose. You certainly wish to weigh less and burn off extra fat in your body, and this diet will result in the same.

Subcutaneous fat which sticks in organs of the body will reduce when you are on a ketogenic diet. Many people wish for the elimination of subcutaneous fat, whether a performance athlete or a worker bee and this diet helps a great deal. The diet is a breakthrough to the burning of fat in the body. Elimination of these fats rids the body of the risk of diseases like heart attack and blood pressure.

This diet, however, leads to the reduction of muscle mass. Continued use of the diet makes the body enter into ketosis, where the body increases ketones resulting in the burning of glucose that is stored in the body. This is discouraged by nutritionists who advocate against severe loss of calories. The body eventually loses muscle mass in this process.

The other shortcoming of the diet is that you have to be watched over by a dietician. Ketosis is regarded as a mild complication of diabetes, but should not be regarded too seriously. The ketogenic diet might not supply the number of carbs requires for use by the body. The diet still faces a lot of criticism but a person needs to research the good and bad of this diet. The paragraphs above have however shed light on the good and bads of the diet.