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| Incredible Places In Paris That You Cannot Ignore
Many people dream of visiting Paris, and the city experience large numbers when it comes to tourists. The reason why the city attracts tourists could be because of the several museums and other attraction sites present. It is also impossible for anyone to forget about the rich history and culture the city has. In case you are one of those dreaming to get to Paris for pleasure, here are some of the places you can consider to go and have fun.
The Louvre is an amazing museum you should not fail to visit once you are in Paris. Many people enjoy this large museum and it has the advantage of being located in the heart of the city. The destination experiences many tourists, but from various regions. You can access the Baroque and the Renaissance collections, which are very famous. In the museum, you can view art from various regions in the world. For instance, even the famous painting Mona Lisa can be found in the museum.
You should also go to the Eiffel Tower. Just like many other tourists, you should aspire to visit this tower. Being 324 meters, it I quite impressive. Ensure you do not leave Paris without visiting Eiffel Tower. If you have been to Paris, you can still visit the tower to view the other landmarks in the city. You will be amazed at how people line up to get into the tower, once you visit it. The Eiffel Tower has restaurants on its first two levels. Check this helpful article. There are also shops. Read this helpful article. You can thus take your meals from these restaurants since they are among the best in the city. take a look this helpful article and see areas you can dine in Paris. You can view city monuments from the third level of the tower.
Musee d’Orsay is another place you can’t miss. This place is rich and you can learn so much about France here. Further, ensure Cathedral Notre Dame is your lit. This Gothic monument is very famous and a major attraction site in the region. You can decide to view the city from the monument.
The Palace of Versailles is also an impressive place. This place has gardens that well and neatly decorated and you can just get there to enjoy the scene. You should also add Hotel des Invalides since you can enjoy the museums inside. Go ahead and read this helpful article. Also go to Musee de I’Orangerie and learn more about modern art. For more tips on places to visit in Paris, read this helpful article.