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A Homeowner’s Guide to Dry Rot

As a homeowner, you face a variety of problems when it comes to your home, and one of them is dry rot. While it is a common issue among homes, it can still be avoided. If you do see some rot in your house, it will not be a threat to you if you get rid of it right away. Below are some dry rot facts and tips for homeowners in case you will be dealing with such a matter.

Knowing where to look is one of the first things that you should do to deal with the problem. Even if you call the issue dry rot, it actually needs moisture to grow because these are all forms of fungus. This goes to say that the first places that need checking in your home for this kind of issue are places where there are active water sources. When there are instances where your pipes break or burst, check areas where water damage has taken place. Usually, if water damage is left untreated, rot can also develop.

Besides areas in your home that are beside water sources, some indoor areas also make rot thrive. Contrary to popular belief, leaky pipes are another common source of dry rot inside of your home. Thus, if you find leaking pipes at home, make sure that you check the areas for early signs of rot.

If you have an attic, make sure that it is properly ventilated, and you have to avoid placing your wet or damp things inside it. If not, moisture can be present in these areas as well.

Checking wood that you think has rot is also very easy to do. With the use of your screwdriver or pick, stab the suspected wood in a gentle manner. You know that it is rotten when the tool will not have a hard time going inside the wood.

Aside from indoor water sources, you can also check some rot outside. Usually, downspouts and gutters on your property that are exposed to water sources. Other unexpected places of water damage in your property include your wooden ledges and window sills. Check for signs of discoloration, splits, and cracks of the wood that means rot is the cause.

One of the things that you need to remember about dry rot is that it is a problem characterized as being progressive. This implies that not taking care of the issue will worsen it. As soon as you observe issues of rot, it is essential to deal with them right away. In addition, you have to always monitor areas of your home that are affected by moisture or water damage so rot will not form.

When you discover rot too late and the situation is already severe, you better call in the professionals and let them deal with the situation. Most of the time, proper treatment of rot involves getting rid of the affected wood and the moisture source. Still, if rot is overwhelming and quickly forms, better call the professionals.