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Pointers That Will Help You A Lot When You Travel To India

If you are someone who likes traveling a lot then you might want to look into traveling to India. It is important for you as a westerner to know that this country can be really dangerous and there are so many things that you should note in order for you to be safe while you are in India. Below are tips for preparing for and traveling to India.

Westerners are still regarded as somewhat of a novelty in India particularly if you’re going off the normal path for tourists. This is something that you need to accept, and when you walk on the streets of India, you should not be shocked when someone stops you to take a picture with you. If you are a female traveler you will inevitably be stared at; therefore it is important for you to avoid staring back because local may interpret this as flirting. That is why people are encouraged to carry sunglasses with them every time they walk in the Streets of India.

When you are in India, do not drink tap water as it is not safe for drinking. It wouldn’t make sense if you avoid drinking tap water, but you still drink things that have ice cubes in them because ice cubes are made of tap water, therefore, stay away from ice cubes as they are also not safe for consumption. The only water that you should drink is bottled water before you drink the water ensure that it has been sealed when and if you note that the seal has been tampered with don’t consume it because it might have been filled with water that is not safe for conception.

One thing that you need to know is that people in India smoke cannabis and hashish, therefore, you will spot so many people doing this. Cannabis and hashish are not legal in India therefore if you are found in possession of them you will end up being jailed for a very long time in India. If you are learn more here arrested in possession of these drugs you will have to wait for months until your case is hard which can be quiet depressing most especially because you are in a new country. You shouldn’t get involved with cannabis or any other drug when you are in India.

Many tourists have reported cases of them losing their bags, and that is why people are usually advised to buy cable locks so that they can lock them at any stationary object as this will prevent their bags from getting lost. You can use the cables to lock your bags when you are at the airport and you want to sleep, or you can look them on your hotel bed if you don’t trust the staff.