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Recognize Your Limits If You Want to Drink and Drive

We all know about the dangers of drinking and driving; DUI is regarded as a cardinal sin when you’re on the road. We’ve seen the statistics and the after school specials, and have heard the warnings. Everyone knows it is a bad thing for people to do, but still there are some who do it nonetheless.

Becoming familiar with your limits as regards alcohol is really important. It really is very stupid to drink and drive at the same time. The laws for DUI are very stringent in almost all states. They are more severe now than in the old days.

It takes one hour for an average individual to fully absorb one drink. Therefore, if the drinking rate of a person is kept at one per hour or less, then it is safe for that person to drive home. Read on to know more about the amount of drinks you can have and still drive safely home.

Fred attended a party for almost five hours. He consumes seven beers. Is it okay for him to drive home? He did drink beer for 5 hours, remember? So, he could drink five bottles and still drive himself safely home. Since his beer consumption exceeded the threshold of one for every hour, he needs to wait a couple of hours once he stopped drinking to be able to drive safely home.

This one drink for each hour rule is beneficial in terms of drinking and driving; on the other hand, everyone and every circumstance varies. Someone who is larger than normal, can drink a larger quantity of alcohol without getting drunk. Conversely, undersized people will easily get drunk.
People who have a larger percentage of body fat can become drunk more instantly than their leaner counterparts. This is one of the reasons why men, in general, become intoxicated compared to women.

One other factor to consider regarding DUI laws as well as drinking and driving is the relationship between eating and alcohol consumption. Those who eat as they drink will get drunk a lot more slowly compared to those that don’t eat while they drink. Research shows that people who consume food before drinking become 9{ab7d468c46d888b3c94955babdc825e65f364432194674107a95db0a12624b26} up to 23{ab7d468c46d888b3c94955babdc825e65f364432194674107a95db0a12624b26} less intoxicated compared to people who drink without any food on their stomach.

In summary, when you’ll be drinking and driving it is best to keep track of your alcohol consumption.

Stick to the one drink per hour guideline and try to eat something while drinking. DUI laws dictate that those who drink and drive must be automatically strip of their license if found guilty. If you want to drink and still be able to go home safely, then know your drinking limits or, if possible, stay away from drinking if you have to drive.