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Choosing Between Dentures and Veneers

You might be wondering why some people cannot smile to a photo, but the issue is to do with their teeth since they don’t feel comfortable. Thus, they should not demean themselves since there is a solution for them to improve the appearance of their teeth and have a smile they had wished for so many years. In the process of improving your smile there two commonly used dental procedures that are dentures and veneers and they can implicate you with your smile for life. You should know the most appropriate dental procedure that is right for you, but through this guide you will get to determine the most appropriate one for you to choose.

The first dental procedure is the veneers, and it is most considered one since a thin shell made of porcelain is attached on front side of your teeth. You will have an improved smile when veneers are done to you as it changes the front of your teeth to look more attractive. You will be required to have approximately three appointments with the dentist that you will choose so that you can have this veneers procedure successful. This procedure is pricey where you can get it at $925 to $2500 per tooth.

You need to choose veneers as it has the following benefits. With veneers it will be easy to fix the imperfection whereby you will not have to remove your teeth. Secondly, You will have a natural look as it will be adjusted by the dentist to fit the color of the other teeth. However, there are some shortcomings for veneers as they don’t have a long lifespan where it can just last for ten years. In case you have missing teeth this option is not right for you as it is applied to existing ones.

The second dental procedure is dentures and is commonly referred to as replacement teeth. Thus, it is imperative to be aware that dentures exist in three options; partial dentures that allow replacement only for missing teeth, full dentures where all teeth can be replaced in your mouth as well permanent dentures that are referred as dental implants, and it is permanent.

The procedure for dentures will vary depending on the option you select since the dentist will have to design custom dentures as per your mouth. This procedure is not expensive as it is pocket-friendly as it can cost about $400 or even below depending on the dentist pricing.

The dentures have a long lasting life span of about 20 years. For those with missing teeth dentures is the most appropriate option that you can consider. Besides, you will get to have a natural look as no one will detect you are using dentures. However, the shortcoming is that dentures are painful and it takes longer to be completed. Besides, for removable dentures you will have to deal with adhesives. You will have to deal with adhesives when you are having removable dentures.

You will have to consider weighing out the two options and decide the best for you.