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Unique Fruits That Most People Have Not Heard About

Fruits are known to be to be part of our diets although some people just love eating them. You will agree with me that apples and bananas are the most loved fruits around the world. There is a considerable number of weird fruits you’ve never heard about, but you can eat them. The article herein discusses some of the fruits you that most people have not heard about.

The first fruit is Kiwano, a fruit that has bright orange spikes on the outside while the inside is bright green with yellow and green seeds. This fruit is related to the melon family and is native in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Southeast Asia, Durian is a favorite fruit and is grown in major parts of those areas. However, it a strong smell like fried onions, and it is banned in a few places in Singapore. Jackfruit is another weird fruit you should learn about. In Southeast Asia, this fruit that is the largest to come from a tree is very popular. Note that it can be cooked and has become popular as a meat substitute in vegan restaurants.

Soursoup, another weird fruit, is considered to have varying tastes, depending on your taste buds. In South America, Cherimoya is one of their native fruits. However, this fruit can be scary if you are eating it and if you not careful and its seeds are poisonous when crushed. Still, you should learn about Atemoya, which also has poisonous seeds and has characteristics that are almost similar to those of Cherimoya. However, it has its unique character of turning female between 2-4pm, but goes back to its male stage the next day between 3-5pm.

The other unique fruit you probably didn’t know existed is Physalis (golden barriers), and is related to tomatoes. You can find it in a well-stocked grocery store, especially in South America. In Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, Feijoa is one of their native fruits. It is small in size and has a greenish outer cover but tart inside. You can scoop out its flesh with a spoon, and it is popular in California.

In Japan, Akebia Quinata is a delicacy which comes from chocolate scented flowers. Mostly, its skin is mixed with ground meat and deep-fried. With its hair looking spikes, Rambutan is a unique fruit that most people do not know about. It grows in a warm climate and can also be used to make jams and jelly.