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Guideline for Passing the Hair Drug Test

When you finally get an interview with that dream company and get the job, scholarship or even university acceptance letter and the only thing that they want is a hair follicle drug test, you cannot afford to miss the chance because of one mistake that you made. When you take drugs, the chemicals in them are distributed throughout the body by the blood and this includes the hair follicles, and this test will it shows when you started using the drug, how much you have sued and how long too. This test can detect most, if not all of the commonly used drugs. It is difficult to alter and. While you may detox for the other type of the drug tests and you will be good to go, this one is a little more complicated to alter. It is an expensive drug test and hard to come by, and despite the difficulty and the accuracy, it is still possible to get around.

If you are looking to pass this drug test, the timing is one thing that you should know about. For the people that smoke on a regular basis, this can be a little hard but for the people that did it once and recently, there is still something that they can do. The effectiveness of the drug test is based on the fact that the drug’s chemicals will stay on the hair follicles for three months, but they also take like five days to get there and this means that you can even smoke on the test day. One of the most effective ways is through cleansing your hair shaft with some cleansing shampoo or using the macujo method. There is the macujo method and cleansing your hair shafts thoroughly using some cleansing shampoo some time before the drug test. You should remember to change the pillow cases once the hair is clean too.

There are a number of things that people try, forgetting that the testers are sharp and will smell the tricks and therefore will not actually work. One of them is shaving, first of all this will look suspicious and they will just tell the employer or the institutions that you couldn’t take the test. The other group of people use the bleach or the hair dye and this also you should know that will not affect the outcome of the results. The bleach and the hair dye also will not affect this drug tests as the drugs will still be detected. With these tips, you have a chance to not pass on that great job opportunity, study and even get fair ruling on the regardless of the small mistake that you would have taken.