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Dangers of Using an Outdated Operating System

With the convenience that the use of computers and technology like cloud storage, most companies are now basing their entire databases and important information about company operation on computers. With new innovations and software being developed for computers as operating systems, there is now a wide range of operating systems to choose from. Operating system developers such as Microsoft, the developers of the famous operating system windows, are always updating their software to fix bugs and offer new features to their clients. However, many companies are usually hesitant to make these updates. For this reason, updating software has become a subject of cynicism. Nonetheless, updating your operating system is an important course of action to take due to the many challenges that you will encounter if you do not. The following are some of the major challenges that you are likely to encounter if you choose not to updated your operating system.

It is almost impossible to design software that is entirely perfect for all computer users and after a release, the software developers can proceed to uncover issues that the older operating system has. In some cases, the bugs leave the computer vulnerable to security attacks And the developers come up with fixes that ensure that the problem is solved. In the event that one of the users does not update the operating system, they will not be able to get this fixed hence leaving their computers vulnerable. Due to this, you are advised to ensure that you always keep your operating system up-to-date for the sake of your company’s sensitive information.

The threat of being infected with ransomware is one of the reasons as to why it is important for you to keep your operating system updated . Take for instance the case of the Wanna cry attack which caused huge losses to all the computers that were infected . The main reason as to why this ransomware was so effective is due to the fact that most of the computers infected were running an updated version of Windows.

It is important to ensure that when updating the operating systems running on computers in a network, the update is done on all of them. It takes one outdated computer in a network for a hacker to be able to cause of security breach leading to devastating losses. Another major challenge that you will encounter if you keep running an updated version of the operating system is when support for the software running stops. Without the security patches offered by the developers your computer and information system connected to it will be more and more vulnerable to attacks with time.