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The Impacts of Cannabis

In the United States, several people are making use of weed after its use started becoming legal among several states. Such legalization have been made following thoughts that marijuana is a light drug. The mixed feelings for the use of the marijuana has instigated the need to be conversant with the effects of marijuana among various people. One of the effects of marijuana is getting high although its legally accepted use is for medical applications. Very unappealing effects on using the weed will be noted hence it is vital for the users to understand this. Among the users, the consequences of the use of these drugs will be varied because of different sensitivity levels hence the reason for this. The impacts of weed have been pointed out on this article.

There will be effects on your senses of perceptions on consuming cannabis hence its first effect. When various people get high on weed, they will not be affected in the same way as their sensitivity will be different. Some people will have to use more quantities than others of marijuana so as to get almost similar effects. When getting high through the use of weed, it is more likely that hallucinations could be experiences. When you get to be high, you will perceive things differently in a way that is not realistic. More severe perceptions than you will have experiences when sober will be noted when high on weed. Its more likely that the use of the weed affects the sense of hearing since when high, you will enjoy music more than when you are sober. The sense of taste will be affects and for this reason, the use of cannabis will have a consequence on appetite.

Through the application of weed, the resulting effects extends to the mental state and the mood. It has been noted that your stance on the world when you are high on marijuana will be different. There is no difference between alcohol and weed on the way your mood will be affected since they will both cause inflated state of emotions. The realistic part of nature will not be felt by those who will have used marijuana and such perception alterations will be different among the various users of cannabis.

The effects of using marijuana are attributed to THC, a chemical compound which is part of the weed. This is in contradiction to the perceived effect of the dopamine content. Anadamide is the neurotransmitter which caused joy and it is impacted by the bliss molecule so as to make the user feel high. The control of anadamide in the body extends to the other several body senses.